Business opportunities

Collaborative ecosystem from R&D and design to precision production has made Estonia and Tartu a trusted region for many international companies like Hanza, Enics, Toftan, Saint-Gobain, UPM Kymmene, Valio, Playtech and more. Our skilled workers, modern technology and quality as a standard attitude combined with smart, transparent and direct business environment make Tartu an attractive location.

Direct Investment

Create in-house operation, well suited to high value activity for regional and global markets

Smart People

We belong to world elite in terms of level of education and workforce is highly qualified


Utilize Estonia’s skills and environment to accelerate R&D, testing and launch

Industrial Souring

Estonian suppliers offer high quality, certified products and services

Joint Venture

Partner with Estonian companies on a project or ongoing basis

Digital Experience

Utilize Estonia’s leadership in IT experience to advise you on digital transformation


IT Sourcing

World class solutions in embedded software, resource planning, client engagement, etc


Best Experience

Export oriented companies with quality products and services


Economically Profitable

Regions economy is booming and companies here are the leaders in their fields


Well-developed supply chain, competitive and stable business climate