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    About us

    Tartu Business Advisory Services was created just for you. Put our experience and know-how to work for you!

    We belong to a network of Development Centres in Estonia. There is an organisation like us in every county (http://www.arenduskeskused.ee/).

    130 specialists work daily with the goal to improve local welfare.

    Business Advisory Services in the past 5 years

    13 645 – people have particapted in our training and seminars

    5 455 – entrepreneurs came to consultation

    5 893 – students participated in thematic events

    1200 –nonprofits received good advice

    5 M€ – support funds to the region

    46,7 M€ –  investments found their way to Tartu Region

    What can we do for you?


    Your day-to-day activities run more smoothly when you have the right information.

    We can help you if you are planning to:

    • start a company, develop a company or are looking to export
    • use support funds to boost your company
    • be active in nonprofit field activities
    • start and run youth projects and participate in activities for young entrepreneurs
    • invest in Tartu Region and start or expand your business here
    • carry out projects that contribute to the development of Tartu County

    You can bet on us – we know what we are doing.

    At least 3 hours of consultations is free of charge to everybody. Learn more about entrepreneur, nonprofit, youth lab and investor activities!


    You need knowledge to grow efficiently.

    To gain new information and know-how, we organize different events:

    • trainings
    • information distribution events (grants, funds, support measures etc)
    • conferences
    • contests and competitions
    • club and mentoring events

    Maybe you find something that helps you boost your field of activity!
    Upcoming events can also be found from our Facebook page.

    Gathering and sharing of information

    We gather every bit of useful information that helps develop Tartu County. This means that you do not have to google about support measures. Just ask us! We have very good understanding what is happening in the economy.
    Put that information to good use!

    With projects we contribute to the development of business environment and overall welfare

    Tartu Business Advisory Services deals with business and development projects that contribute to overall development of Tartu County.

    We start, prepare and manage different projects. If you have a good idea in the fields of business, nonprofit, investing or youth activitites, contact us. For inspiration you can take a look at our ongoing projects.