PATEE 2017-2019

The main objective of PATEE program is to foster economic growth and employment outside of metropolitan areas and their vicinity. Tartu Business Advisory Services has created an action plan that focus on two main themes: increasing the capacity of enterprises and marketing the development of the county’s business environment & FDI management.

Increasing the Capacity of Enterprises

The target group is small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the manufacturing industry in Tartu County. In the year 2015 there were about 590 in Tartu county, out of which about 230 are situated outside of Tartu City and the “Golden Circle”. The goal is to increase the capacity of the registered companies in Tartu County due to increased cooperation, international contact network, cooperation with research institutions, designers, IT companies. With increased competence, including increased production and marketing efficiency and export volume – the number of jobs will grow and the share of county GDP to national GDP will increase.

Development of Tartu County Business Environment & FDI Management

Foreign companies contribute to around 60% of Estonian export, 36% of employment, 34% R&D activities and 44% of value added to the economy. Therefore, foreign companies are important drivers for economic growth, exporters and valuable employers.
The goal of the project is to create Jobs in Tartu County, preserve existing ones, help increase entrepreneurial activity and stimulate county’s economy in general. This is done through Business Attraction Management method, which includes the development and marketing activities of the county’s business environment

Tarty PATEE program during 2017-2019 is financed by European Development Fund and Tartu Municipalities Union. Total cost for project “Increasing the Capacity of Enterprises” is 122 360.49 EUR. Total cost for the project “Development of Tartu County Business Environment & FDI Management” is 108 230 EUR.